Key Employee Retention & Retirement and Executive Compensation

The right benefits can make all the difference.



Take a moment to think about the success of your business. How much of
that success is related to your employees? Chances are, you have selected
key employees that play important roles in your organization. Having the right
tools to recruit, reward, retain, and retire those key employees can make all
the difference. Key employee benefits can play a big role in helping you by
helping them. These plans can provide significant advantages—like helping
them make up for benefits lost due to limitations on qualified retirement plans
and Social Security. The result? More engaged and loyal employees and a
great recruiting tool, too.


Some of the key employee retention and retirement solutions that we can help you implement are:

     • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans
     • Executive bonus plans
     • Small business owner bonus plans
     • Executive and business owner income protection plans


Tailored for your needs

No one solution is right for everyone. Different organizations and owners have different needs. And, your benefits package should reflect that. You or your key employees may need help with retirement income. Or, perhaps right now you're more interested in keeping key employees from going to a competitor. No matter your focus, we're here to help you design the solutions that can help you meet your specific goals.

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