Business Succession & Exit Planning 
Are you ready for a smooth transition down the road?

While most business owners believe planning for the transition of their business at death is key, a transition during their lifetime is much more likely. That's why it's important to plan how your business transition might impact your retirement. 

Our complimentary services offer a great starting point 

We want you to rest easy and take comfort knowing that your buy-sell agreement is designed and ready to execute the way you want.

That's why we offer...



Make sure your buy-sell agreement does what you want:

A properly funded, well-drafted agreement:
 Identifies a buyer and a fair price.
 Lists who will take control.
 • Protects employees, customers, suppliers and 
creditors during your transition.

Buy-sell agreement top three mandatory triggers.


Know what your business is worth

An unexpected trigger event could leave you or your successors and heirs frustrated if the buy-sell agreement kicks in, and your stated company value is either more or less than its current or actual value.


Tie it all together for a smooth transition

A buy-sell agreement that reflects your current financial results means everyone can be happy:

         • Retiring or exiting owners/heirs get a fair value for their share of the business.
         • Remaining owners don't over-pay or under-pay the exiting owners/heirs.
         • Sellers are more likely to receive fair market value.
         • You may avoid costly delays and arguments among owners.




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